Our Clients

Setup your digital infrastructure and get ready to market your brand to your audience

✅ Get a Brand Logo
✅ Create a high-quality website
✅ Setup your CRM
✅ Create the marketing funnel
✅ Get your drip campaigns ready
✅ Create Lead Magnets
✅ Book a call pages
✅ Optin forms

Multifamily Real Estate
Lead Nurturing

➡️ Social Media Marketing
➡️ Search Engine Optimization
➡️ Creating latest Blog posts
➡️ Search Engine Optimization
➡️ Creating latest Blog posts
➡️ Email Newsletters
➡️ Social Media Automation
➡️ Webinar Marketing and Setup
➡️ Facebook Groups
➡️ Ads Campaigns
➡️ Deal Alerts and Deal Funnel Setup

Real Estate Podcasts Marketing

✅  Podcast channels on different platforms
✅  Podcast intro and outro
✅  Podcast/Webinar Sign Up form, Sign up page and Thank you page.
✅  Invitation mail to everyone we want to invite to our podcast
✅ Thank you mail
✅ Reminder mail to the speaker (1 week before)
✅  Reminder mail to the speaker (1 day before)
✅  Reminder mail to the speaker (2 hours before)
✅  Podcast file cropping, editing and conversion in Video and Audio formats
✅  Posting Podcast episodes on different podcasting platforms
✅  Taking out multiple snippets from the podcast for posting on the website and social media
✅  Transcription of the snippets
✅  Announcement creative for the Podcast/Webinar
✅  Thumbnail for Podcast Posting snippets on social media and Youtube
✅  Website podcast page showcasing the Podcast episodes (Video & Audio), speaker details, snippets and transcriptions
✅  Sending out mail to the speaker with podcast links that they can share with their audience

Real Estate Conference Marketing & Management (Virtual)

➡️ Marketing Strategy
➡️ Event Website Creation
➡️ SEO for the Event Website
➡️ Marketing Funnel Creation and Automations
➡️ Email Marketing to speakers, sponsors and attendees
➡️ Follow up email sequence for attendees
➡️ Social Media Marketing
➡️ Speaker creatives for all speakers
➡️ Online Ad Campaigns for Registrations and Sponsorships
➡️ Event Platform Setup and Management
➡️ Getting Speakers Onboard and managing them
➡️ Getting Attendees Onboard and managing them
➡️ Surveys and Polls
➡️ Planning for high engagement and a great user experience
➡️ Making a process for selling the event recordings

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