Fooracles GHL Training Modules

Calendar Appointment

Managing Calendar Appointments: Understanding the Dashboard and Type of calendars

In this Part, we will focus on understanding the dashboard of Go High Level Calendar, how you can efficiently manage your calendar appointments and stay organized

Opt-In Forms

In this Part, we will focus on Learning about the optin process, how to create and customize website forms, tracking form submissions, and setting up automations using workflows in GoHighLevel.

Webinar Registration

In this Part, we will focus on how to register for webinars and set up reminders for attendees using a workflow system.

Automated Replies

Automation in Customer Communication: Lead Generation and Management

In this Part, we will focus on sending Automation Replies to the linked social media Accounts this lead generation and management can provide significant benefits for sales and marketing.

Lead Nurturing

In this Part, we will focus on lead nurturing sequences, including welcome emails, scheduling calls, and nurturing to sign up on an investor portal within Go High Level.

Lead Status Update

In this Part, we will focus on the lead status update process, including the form to be filled, task assignment, form location, and automation workflow.

New Investment Opportunity

In this Part, we will focus on active Capital raise or new investment opportunities, explaining the process and tools available for managing prospects and investors.

Reactivation Campaign

In this Part, we will focus on reactivation and automation campaigns, with a focus on four specific automations that are triggered by user actions or inaction. The goal is to engage leads who may have missed or ignored previous communications.

Investor Prospect Timeline

In this Part, we will focus on a pipeline designed to track prospects and their movement towards investment. It includes capturing leads, nurturing them, scheduling calls, updating lead status, and signing up on the investor portal.

DND Opt-Out

Automating Email Bounces and DND Settings

In this Part, we will focus on  Handling Spam/Unwanted Contacts and updated opt-out processes to ensure compliance with regulations and best practices.

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