Get Started with Fooracles GHL


Get Started with Go High Level. Explore the exciting features that come with Fooracles GHL in this video.

Setting Up Your Calendar

Step-by-Step guide to help you set up your calendar and update your availability for seamless call scheduling.

Integrate Your Zoom

Step-by-Step guide to integrate your zoom and have seamless call scheduling.

Set Zoom as Default for Calls

Your guide to Set Zoom as default when someone books an appointment with you on the calendar.

Integrate Social Media

Step-by-Step Guide to integrate your social media account to GHL and make your GHL a unified messaging hub

Update Your Profile

These settings will help you update your logo and address on GHL.

Navigating Contacts

Learn where you can access your contacts and all the information associated with them.

Email Campaigns and Template

Explore the Email Feature in GHL, understand the campaigns and templates, and the difference between the two.

Introduction to Automation

Explore the automation feature of GHL that help automate investor relations and overall marketing efforts.

Introduction to Pipelines

GoHighLevel pipelines help streamline investor relations by providing a visual representation of where prospects are in the deal cycle.

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